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Putting strict security measures in place to keep information safe is of the utmost importance in today’s digital world, where software is increasingly relied on to process and store huge amounts of personal and sensitive data. A serious security breach could result in loss of data, money and business reputation.

At Posturite we go to great lengths to keep our clients’ data and systems secure. Each piece of WorkRite software we produce is put through a vigorous process of testing to meet internationally recognised standards.

Some of the stringent security measures we put in place include:


All of our WorkRite products are encrypted with universally-recognised SSL certificates, so any data inputted will be secured by a digital ‘padlock’. This is the same level of protection used by banks - so you can relax knowing your data is protected to a high level.


We carry out hourly backups that are protected by Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256). AES was developed after five years of testing by some of the world’s best cryptographers, and it’s considered one of the top ciphers for keeping backup files safe.


All of our software undergoes pen testing (penetration testing), which means we have attacked our own system to find and rectify any security weaknesses.

Local servers

All our servers are located at our dedicated data centre at head office in Berwick, East Sussex. This means that no-one outside of the organisation can access our data.

Police Approved Secure Facilities (PASF)

Our WorkRite software meets certain security standards approved by a police audit.

Internationally recognised security accreditation

We are audited every year to renew our ISO 27001 accreditation. This certificate recognises the fact that we have met certain security measures to protect financial information, employee details and other information entrusted to us by third parties.