U Slope Document Holder
U Slope Document Holder U Slope Document Holder U Slope Document Holder U Slope Document Holder U Slope Document Holder

U Slope Document Holder & Writing Slope

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A full featured reading and writing slope designed with 'U' in mind.

The unique design of the U Slope allows the document holder to transform into an A3 reading and writing slope by simply gliding the U Slope forward over the keyboard. As the design offers full clearance above the keyboard no sacrifice on the angle of document surface is required. Once the keyboard is required the U Slope simply glides back into its document holder position, and thus maximising your desk space.

Occupational therapists advise a higher working surface whilst reading or writing than during data entry/typing. The U Slope automatically raises the working height for you, eliminating the need for an alternative raised work-surface. Although we recommend that the monitor be positioned at an ergonomic height to suit you, the U Slope's unique design caters for monitors positioned directly on the desk, stands, blocks or monitor arms.

Unlike other products the U slope's gliding action allows the unit to be positioned at the front edge of the work surface, even when an additional keyboard palm/wrist support is used. This innovative design feature ensures that the user is not forced to lean over to reach the slope thus placing further stain on the user's neck and back. With its innovative non-slip option, the U Slope can be easily transformed into a rigid reading and/or writing slope.

The U Slope is a revolution in modern desktop design and ergonomics, developed to cater for the jobs we do today:

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  • An angle adjustable copyholder and magnetic document holder, well placed in front of the keyboard to avoid awkward neck movements and promote a better posture.
  • A writing slope, with 6 levels of adjustment (up to 45°) so you can find the optimum position to suit you!
  • Supporting lever arch files and documents up to A3. Also functions as an ergonomic laptop stand.
  • This product is made from strong and durable metal.
  • Dimensions: 32(l) x 51(w) x 10 - 28(d)cm
  • Weight: 330g
  • 1 magnet supplied
  • 5 year warranty