Shop by Work Environment

Work is not just a place we go – it’s a thing we do. Thanks to increasingly portable technology, many of us are now able to work in a variety of different environments from cafes and shared spaces, to our own homes. Regardless of where we choose to set up for the day, it’s important to have the right equipment to get the task done safely and comfortably.

We’ve sorted ergonomic products according to the environment they’re most suitable for, so that whether you work in the office, on the go, at home, or even in a lab, you can find the right things to keep you as comfortable and productive as possible.

In the office

Agile working

Agile working must-haves

  1. Laptop stand - The top of your screen should be at eye level
  2. Compact keyboard - Leaves room for correct positioning of your mouse arm
  3. Wireless mouse - Easier for portability
  4. Ergonomic bag - Reduce your risk of back and shoulder ache from carrying equipment