PenAgain Ergo-Sof Ball Pen - Black
PenAgain Ergo-Sof Ball Pen - Black PenAgain Ergo-Sof Ball Pen - Black

PenAgain Ergo-Sof Ball Pen - Black

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This unusual wishbone-shaped contraption is a pen that’s been reimagined to fight poor writing posture and prevent dreaded ‘writer’s cramp’. PenAgain was developed by US-born Colin Roche, whose lightbulb moment came while fiddling with a novelty pen during high school detention.

He realised that conventional ‘stick pens’ rely on the strength of your grip for control, which can lead to calluses, pain and fatigue over time. PenAgain’s wish-bone design supports the natural weight of your hand by cradling the index finger. This generates the pressure needed to write accurately and fluidly - no grip needed.

This relaxed, neutral posture is much better for those suffering from carpal tunnel, other upper limb disorders, arthritis and even Parkinson’s disease.

Other features of the PenAgain include a large, comfortable grip surface, an easy-to-use pop top so you’ll never lose your pen cap, and a soft touch coating that feels pleasant and non-clammy to use for long periods of time.

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  • Soft, comfortable rubber coating
  • Revolutionary ‘no grip’ design to reduce stress on hands and fingers
  • Reduces risk of poor writing posture and hands cramps
  • Smooth, satisfying ballpoint precision
  • No-hassle refilling with spare black cartridge supplied
  • Pocket clip for secure transportation
  • Pop top so cap never gets lost
  • Black rubber and black ink
  • Uses non-pressurised 1.0 mm black ink cartridge