Left-Handed Mechanical Keyboard - front view

Left-Handed Mechanical Keyboard

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Increase your speed, accuracy and comfort while you type with our Left-Handed Mechanical Keyboard. The mirrored layout feels more natural to use for those with a dominant left hand, allowing number inputting while using the mouse. This may even be more convenient for right-handers who require more space on the right-hand side, or who need to input numbers without releasing the mouse.

Satisfying, high quality mechanical keys provide a smooth, rapid typing experience with tactile keys that are easy to identify.

The Left-Handed Mechanical Keyboard is built to last with a robust design that’ll last the years in any work or home environment.

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  • Full UK left-handed layout with added functions.
  • USB 'plug and play' no additional drivers required.
  • Premium braided cable.
  • Black case, black keys, black metal base plate, white legends.
  • 4 sturdy rubber pads and 2 fold out legs with rubber feet.
  • Kalih Tactile (brown) mechanical switches.
  • Full speed connection 1ms response.
  • Status LEDs (Caps, Num, Scroll and Windows Key Lock).
Dimensions (L x W x D):
446.5 x 140.2 x 38 mm
1.26 kg
105 keys