Ergorest 350 000
Ergorest 350 Series with Mouse Pad Ergorest 350 000

Ergorest 350 Series with Mouse Pad

Price as configured: £110.00 Ex VAT £132.00 Inc VAT

The Ergorest 350 000 provides the same benefits as the 330 000 but is equipped with a separate mouse station. This ensures that the wrist remains in a natural position, even when working extensively with a mouse.

Unlike a mousemat, which can strain the wrist, the Ergorest 350 effectively prevents unpleasant symptoms and even carpal tunnel syndrome, which can result in an inability to work. The Ergorest 350 also ensures the correct distribution of strain on the neck, shoulders and back.

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Price as configured: £110.00 Ex VAT £132.00 Inc VAT

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  • Fully adjustable armrest
  • Adjustable to suits different users' ergonomic requirements. This armrest can help relieve repetitive strain disorders, shoulder fatigue and wrist pains
  • G clamp fitting - Easy to install by clamping onto the front of a desk
  • Sturdy aluminium arm
  • Strong and lightweight construction
  • Leather upholstered pad
  • Comfort and support for the forearm
  • Ambidextrous
  • Suitable for left and right arm uses
  • Flexible wrist support beside the keyboard for additional wrist support
  • Fixed height as standard or opt for a long arm for a longer reach
  • Works at desk level for support whilst using a mouse and keyboard
Optional height adjustability - Un-necessary for mouse use, but can be used for assembly work such as soldering
  • Standard clamp fits desks: 15-43 mm
  • Maximum load: 12 kg