Ergorest 331 000

Ergorest 331 Series with Height Adjustable Extension Pole

Price as configured: £120.00 Ex VAT £144.00 Inc VAT

The Ergorest 331 000 offers complete support even in demanding working positions and situations. The extension pole increases support, allows you to hold your arms higher than the average desk surface

The Ergorest 331 is highly suitable for work in e.g. laboratories, industrial or dressmaking applications, or any other tasks which require precision work. It can also be used while standing, thereby significantly decreasing widespread muscular tension caused by strenuous working positions.

The support's aluminium double support structure and support pad, upholstered in genuine leather, guarantee a supportive feel and unlimited range of movement.

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Price as configured: £120.00 Ex VAT £144.00 Inc VAT

  • Standard size clamp
  • Height adjustable - Unnecessary for mouse use, but can be used for assembly work such as soldering
  • Options include an extension pole with standard arm/pad or extension pole with long arm/pad
  • Standard clamp fits desks: 15-43 mm
  • Maximum load: 12 kg