Work privately in public with a privacy filter

Don’t compromise the security of sensitive on-screen data when you’re out in public or the office. Use a privacy filter to obscure the content of your screen from prying eyes and enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is safe and secure.

Find out how you could benefit from using a privacy filter by reading our blog post, Working in public: how to stop people snooping on your screen.

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Privacy Filters

Privacy filters offer an easy way to keep your laptop or computer screen safe from prying eyes. They work in a similar way to Venetian blinds, where the view each way can only be seen when the slats are facing a certain way. When you use a privacy filter, the content of your screen can only be seen head-on (in other words, only by the user, and not by the people sitting on either side of you).

You can use our interactive tool to help you find the perfect fit for your device. Simply type the name of the device you use, and the tool will automatically select the correct sized Fellowes privacy filter for you. Visit our dedicated page if you’re looking for other screen protectors and overlays.