Reduce the risk of tech neck with a tablet stand

With the growing popularity of tablets, including Apple’s iPad, we are now stocking a number of tablet stands and universal tablet stands, which are a great ergonomic solution as they allow you browse online, surf the net of watch movies on your desk. Some of the stands have unique features such as rotating a full 360 degrees for you to use in portrait and landscape positions and are extremely durable and great for use whilst traveling.

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Why an iPad stand?

Some may argue that the iPad was designed to be stand-free. But an iPad stand is great when you need your tablet close to hand on your desk. Simply place the iPad in the stand alongside your computer mouse and keyboard and you can conveniently manage iPad and computer tasks from the comfort of your desk chair. It’s also a great iPad solution for your bedside table or when watching films or TV.

Need a universal tablet stand?

Some of our tablet stands are universal so if you don't have an Apple iPad, don't worry! The Arrow Tablet stand, Cricket Stand and Versastand Universal can fir on to most tablet brand. Please check the individual product descriptions for further information or contact us if you are unsure

Order your iPad stand solutions from Posturite.