Space efficient CPU cradle storage solutions

We can't live without the computer in modern business. Yet the computer can take up valuable desktop or floor space, causing potential hazard to you or the computer. Why not try one of our CPU cradle storage holders. They keep the computer off the floor away from potential damage from dust and being knocked over. Many of our CPU holders are fully adjustable and are easy to install.

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CPU Holders

  • Loop CPU Support

    Loop CPU Holder

    £80.00 Ex VAT £96.00 Inc VAT
  • JAW Computer Cradle

    JAW CPU Cradle

    Price From: £111.00 Ex VAT £133.20 Inc VAT

2 Item(s)

Computer holder

Maximise your desktop space by storing your computer in a cradle or basket.

Choose from our ergonomic range of space efficient CPU holder cradle storage solutions.