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What is enablement training?

We offer three types of enablement training at Posturite. All three are designed to help employees overcome barriers affecting their ability to work. The idea is that with the right support and advice, employees with disabilities can be:

  • Empowered to meet their full potential
  • Trained to use AT devices correctly
  • Helped to be more productive
  • Helped to feel valued and appreciated

What enablement training do we offer?

The three types of enablement training we provide are:

Assistive technology training

Designed to work out individual needs and match the right technology to the user.

One-to-one workplace strategies training

We spend time with the individual in order to gain a thorough understanding of their role and the key tasks that they are expected to perform. This helps us draw up a strategy to help them in the workplace.

Assistive technology / reasonable adjustments review

We will revisit individuals to review strategies and if necessary, revise methods for the best possible outcome.


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