Dolphin Large Print Keyboard

Dolphin Large Print Keyboard

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Dolphin's own large print QWERTY keyboard with high contrast keys .

18 easy to locate, tactile 'quick buttons' for easy access SuperNova features.

Helps you to gt started with SuperNova more quickly and means you need to remember less hotkeys

Ideal for non-typists with low vision

The Dolphin keyboard features large print, high contrast keys that are easy to see. The Dolphin keyboard also includes 18 Quick Buttons for speedy access to your Dolphin software's most useful features (SuperNova v13.50 or later). These buttons are large and of varied shapes, making them tactile and easy to locate by touch.

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Use Quick Buttons to:

  • Get help
  • Adjust the screen magnification level
  • Switch on high contrast colour schemes
  • Swicth on speech and adjust the sound
  • Access online services
  • System requirements: Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP Home, Microsoft Windows XP Pro, Windows 7 (32-bit editions), Windows 7 (64-bit client editions), Windows 8
  • The Dolphin Large Print Keyboard is recommended for use with SuperNova version 13.50 or later. If you have the latest Dolphin software already installed there is no need for further configuration, simply plug in your Dolphin keyboard using the USB cable attached and get started straight away!
  • The Dolphin Keyboard will work with desktop or laptop computers running Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows XP operating systems that have an available USB port.
  • Please note, the Dolphin keyboard may also be used without Dolphin SuperNova software running, however the multimedia 'Quick Buttons' will be inactive. The large print alphanumeric and function keys will work as normal.