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Join the stand-up revolution with a sit-stand desk, designed to get office workers up and moving more. Choose from a variety of sit-stand desk shapes, sizes and mechanisms to fight aches, injuries, cardiovascular disease and other unhealthy effects of prolonged sitting.

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What is a sit-stand desk?

A sit-stand desk (also called a stand-up desk) is a desk which can be either manually or electronically adjusted to sitting or standing height to prevent problems associated with prolonged sitting.

We offer a number of stand-up desk shapes to suit different activities, including:

  • ‘Writing shape’ – a straight-edged desk that supports the arms while typing at a computer
  • ‘Stance shape’ – an angled section that allows you to move easily from computer work to paper work.
  • ' Wave’, ‘Corner’ and ‘Cockpit’ shape – corner desks excellent for creating more space

Why buy a sit-stand desk?

Many studies show that sitting for more than 6 hours a day is linked to being overweight, obese, having type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer and even premature death

With technology such as computers, television and video consoles changing our work and leisure habits, it seems we’re spending increasing amounts of our lives sitting down. There is no doubt this is seriously impacting the nation’s health. In fact one of the largest pieces of research on the topic to date found that a sedentary lifestyle can cause:

  • 112% increase in risk of diabetes
  • 147% increase in cardiovascular events
  • 90% increase in death caused by cardiovascular events
  • 49% increase in death from any cause

An adjustable height sit-stand desk gives you the option to sit or stand throughout the day, keeping your muscles active and reducing the risk of aches and pains caused by repetitive movements.

What are the benefits of a sit-stand desk?

  • Increased alertness, concentration and productivity.
  • Improved blood circulation.
  • Relief from muscle ache caused by static posture.
  • Flexibility to adjust your working position to the task at hand.
  • Burn more calories.

If you're still not sure which desk is the best for you, call us on 0845 345 0010 and one of our advisers will be delighted to help.

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All height adjustable desks come with a five year guarantee and we will personally setup larger installations at your office.

Please note that we only stock certain sizes in our warehouse. For stock sizes, delivery is 3-4 days. Other sizes will take up to 6 weeks.