Sit-Stand Desk

Height adjustable sit-stand desks - Posturite ergonomic furniture

How many hours do you spend sitting a day? 2, 4, 6 or more?

Take in to account when you wake up - do you sit for breakfast? Do you sit down at work? Do you sit down for lunch? Your commute home? Then veg out on the sofa, after you have sat down for your evening meal?

Our modern working lifestyles now all revolve around moving from one seat to the next. It is estimated that our sedentary lifestyles could cause as many deaths as smoking worldwide. Sitting for more than 8 hours per day puts you at risk of being twice as likely to have cardiovascular disease than those who sit for less than 4 hours.

The solution you think is simple: Go for a jog, join a gym or play a sport in the evenings instead. However, while going to the gym or pool after work is better than heading straight for the sofa, spending long periods of time remaining seated is still bad for you which is the main issue. Standing all day is also not the answer either which this being proved to be even more damaging. Experts are beginning to agree that being more active simply means moving more during the day.

Our height adjustable sit-stand desks are the perfect solution, allowing you to change regularly between a seated working position to a standing one with ease. At Posturite we promote active working, which means a combination of both sitting and standing, and trying to encourage employees to be as active as possible.

The benefits of having the option to alternate between seated or standing positions whilst working are endless. Recent studies have shown staff report that by standing just for a couple of hours throughout the day they increase productivity, feel healthier and more focused, and experience a 50% reduction in back pain.

Our high quality, ergonomic workstations are available for individual users through to complete contract installations.

So don't just sit there – stand up for your health!

Also don't forget we also supply high quality pedestals to meet your office space saving and document organisation requirements.