Solving the open-plan problem with Tilde® noise-cancelling earphones from Orosound

For all the good intentions of open plan office designs, they're not always suitable for those moments when staff need to shut the world off and concentrate. 

We're all different, and while difference is a great thing in business - difference in skills, backgrounds, opinions, approaches, ideas - it's not such a great thing when everyone is put together in the same room and expected to be productive, regardless of the task they're completing.

For some people, silence itself is a distraction. They simply can't focus without a constant background buzz of noise and chatter. For others, the slightest sound jerks them out of their focus. Some roles require constant telephone use, others call for deep concentration. Some tasks are solitary, some demand help and collaboration with others. When we're all pooled together in the same open space, all doing different things in our own different ways, interests can clash.

This is the problem French engineers Pierre Guiu and Eric Behaim set out to solve four years ago when they launched their crowdfunded startup Orosound. Both entrepreneurs hold multiple degrees in science and engineering; Pierre has worked for over 10 years in consumer electronic development, specialising in noise-cancelling headphones, while Eric has published research on visual speech analysis in three journals and frequently presents his findings at international conferences.

Together they designed Tilde® Noise-Filtering Earphones, now-winner of nine prestigious awards and recently described by TechHub as one of “15 of the coolest wired and wireless earbuds seen at CES [the largest consumer technology convention in the world]".

Meet Tilde®

The lightweight Tilde® earphones fit comfortably into your ears to give you full control over your working environment. Suited to both concentration and collaboration, these revolutionary wireless earphones allow you to precisely control the noise levels around you. 

The selective noise-control 60° cone allows you to hear the person directly in front of you while reducing distracting background noise, enabling you to hold a conversation without removing the earphones. Adjust the noise control from 0 to -30 decibels with the 4 dedicated microphones so you can meet your own preferred sound level.

Focus on work in blissful silence, or enjoy crystal clear music to help boost your productivity. Tilde noise-cancelling earphones come with a comfortable neckband and a selection of different sized eartips for absolute comfort. As an added bonus, the wireless multi-point connectivity allows you to connect to multiple devices without fixing you to one spot - a must-have for all agile workers.

You can buy Tilde® Selective Noise-Cancelling Earphones online now for £299.00 ex VAT.