Posturite in numbers 2019

Another 12 months have passed and we've helped even more people become healthier and more comfortable at work by providing solutions to improve posture, positioning and behaviours in a variety of working environments. 

In 2019 we ran six Agile Working Events across the UK. These were received very well, with attendees leaving feeling inspired to make positive changes in their workplaces with new policies, equipment and practices. The events involved educational talks by expert speakers as well as an exhibition to give clients a chance to see and touch ergonomic products they may otherwise only have seen online. We were able to introduce our game-changing agile working e-learning course, which takes users on an interactive journey through their typical working environments, showing them how to avoid common health issues by making informed decisions about how and where to work.

We'll continue to champion flexible ways of working into 2020 and beyond as we believe - with the right support, information and training, agile working can be much healthier and more productive than traditional working styles. For now, here's a run-down of some of our 2019 achievements: