Next phase: how we'll be delivering face-to-face workstation assessments

Our display screen equipment (DSE) assessors will soon be able to deliver workstation and vehicle assessments in-person (where needed) - with some key changes in place to keep us all safe.

Does your assessment need to take place face-to-face?

We still recommend that your first port of call is to book a telephone consultation with one of our trained assessors. Many of our clients have found this service invaluable during lockdown, as it's meant that staff have been able to set themselves up comfortably and safely at home to avoid aches, pains and injury.

Our remote consultation is very simple but highly effective. You'll be asked to fill out a questionnaire, take some measurements and send photographs of your workstation. You'll then have a consultation with a trained assessor lasting around 15-30 minutes, followed up with a report outlining relevant findings, issues, suggestions and any product recommendations.

We understand that some situations require more in-depth assessments, and in these cases we are preparing to resume our face-to-face DSE assessment service - with some key safety adaptations.

Safety survey

You'll be asked to fill out a pre-visit survey so that we can establish and prepare for your company's COVID-secure protocols.

Our risk assessment

We'll provide you with our COVID-19 risk assessment and protocol.

On-site measures

We can visit you face-to-face as long as nobody on your site (or in the employee's home if that's where they're working) has reported symptoms of COVID-19 in the 72 hours prior to our appointment, or is in self-isolation.

Our assessors have received training on our safety protocol and have been provided with protective equipment. They will carry out regular hand washing and will take any necessary precautions on-site. They will also maintain a safe distance (as advised by the government) from others, and use PPE if closer contact is necessary.

As the nation begins to ease out of lockdown and workplaces open up, it's important that we continue to give staff the equipment and advice they need to stay healthy and productive at their workstations. DSE assessments and support are an invaluable resource, saving money in the long term by reducing MSDs and keeping workers comfortable for longer.

We're here to help you as soon as you're ready to book a DSE assessment.