Life coach and Instagram influencer Sam Jones tries an Opløft

We recently sent an Opløft Sit-Stand Desk Converter to high profile life coach Sam Jones of TwentySomeone, to see if we could help him improve his general wellbeing and productivity while he worked. Let's find out how he got on...

Sam, who's coached over 300 clients to date - including students, managers, executives and celebrities, believes in practising what he preaches. This means trying to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle even when he's working.

"Next to my work, health is my priority. I spend four days a week in the gym and two days playing sport. My mindset has shifted over the last few years from aesthetics and shallow motivations to performance and overall wellbeing. I find exercising intuitively as well as having goals for my health really supports my professional ambitions in life."

Sam specialises in helping people overcome their biggest personal and professional challenges by guiding them through a ninety-day coaching programme. He started TwentySomeone in his mid-twenties after under-performing at university and ending up jobless, disillusioned and scraping by on his Job Seeker's allowance. He realised there were many twenty-somethings just like him, overwhelmed by expectations of what they should be achieving in their twenties.

"I knew I wanted to work with and help other people like me. I wanted to build something different but I had no idea how or what. I just knew why."

He began training to become a life coach, working with some of the best coaches in the industry, and eventually developed his own programme. Many of Sam's clients have since founded startups, secured six-figure funding, managed depression, been promoted and found love in their lives.

Sam's working routine

"I'm waking up at a normal time and straight into connecting to my world: my clients, my team, and people I'm networking with on projects. Then I'll religiously write down what my Daily To-Do's (DTDs) are, which are the three tasks I believe will win my day. My day then resolves around private client sessions, planting seeds for future opportunities, and achieving my DTDs.

"My days are long, and my time is split between private client sessions, working with companies on their staff well-being, and on my laptop ensuring everything is running smoothly. I'm grateful that my work is hands-on and I'm out and about a lot; however, like all of us I often have times when I need to spend several hours (or sometimes a large chunk of my week) at the computer."

Millions of people across the world are, like Sam, spending increasing amounts of time sitting down to work. Our reliance on computers is greater than ever before, putting us at risk of sitting-related health issues such as obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and musculoskeletal disorders. Understanding the link between wellbeing and productivity at work, Sam was immediately interested in the idea of sit-stand working.

"It was something I'd heard positive reviews about and I'm always looking to get the odd 5-10% edge in my work and wellbeing. With my posture being one of those things I knew I needed to work on but always going to the back of the list, a sit-stand desk seemed like a step forward."

Did Opløft work for Sam?

Opløft rests on top of any existing surface to give you the choice to sit or stand. It's designed to be slim, light and easy to store away when not in use - the perfect tool for someone who works from home - like Sam, and may not always want to clutter up their dining table with work equipment.

"After adjusting for the first few days and getting used to moving between sitting and standing, I started to feel more productive and it generally just felt like I was doing something positive for myself, which elevated my mood even more.

"I felt more productive and generally happier while working because I knew I was doing something positive for myself. I liked how it was ready to use, simple to adjust and that I was able to put it to one side when I wasn't using it."

Would Opløft work for you?

We sell a variety of different types of sit-stand desk. You can read our guide to every type of sit-stand desk here. Because it's highly portable and a sit-stand desk converter rather than a sit-stand desk, Opløft is particularly suited to home workers, hot-deskers and people who work in a variety of different environments (agile workers). Opløft will work for you if you:

  • Work from home
  • Have limited space
  • Like to change up your work environment (switch between rooms, work outside)
  • Care about aesthetics
  • Appreciate build quality and longevity.

You can buy your own Opløft Sit-Stand Platform here.