Infographic guide to slips, trips and falls

As we all start heeding health advice to avoid sitting for too long in poor postures, we can expect offices to become increasingly active. With more people roaming the office trying to ramp up their physical activity levels, the chances of someone slipping, tripping, or falling can increase.

Slips, trips and falls are responsible for 31% of non-fatal injuries in UK workplaces, and cost businesses over £512 million each year. Fortunately they are very easy to prevent with a few simple measures.

Our Slips, Trips and Falls e-learning course guides staff through the main causes of slip and trip accidents, advises on how they can be prevented and prescribes the necessary actions to be taken should an accident happen. The duties of both employer and employee are clearly explained.

Download our printable A4 poster for quick tips you can post around the office, or view our longer infographic below for more in-depth advice on reducing the risks of slips, trips and falls.