What happened when we gave a Penclic KB3 to 'How To Kill an Hour's Marcus Bronzy

Marcus Bronzy, BBC1Xtra presenter and host of top UK podcast 'How to Kill an Hour', recently got in touch to see if he could review one of our Penclic KB3 mini keyboards for his show.

Interested to know what he'd make of the new design from Penclic, we sent one off.

His mission was to 'up his skill game' when it came to touch typing - and he wanted one of the best keyboards on the market to give himself a fighting chance.

In the podcast (which you can listen to here, although we have to warn you some of the language is NSFW), Bronzy says there are three types of typists in the world.

There's the pros, like producer Billy who claims to type so quickly the computer can't keep up; there's people like his dad, who use one finger and take about three minutes to find each letter - and then there's people like Bronzy, who sit somewhere in the middle of the two. Not necessarily slow, but still nothing like a hacker in a Hollywood movie.

The Penclic KB3 is designed to be both fast and lenient on your fingers, with shallow keys that are easy and satisfying to press. It's also designed to be ergonomic. The numberpad has been stripped away to make the product smaller and prevent the reaching and stretching that contribute to painful upper limb disorders.

Bronzy says: "With laptops it's great you can bring them around everywhere but most of the time you hunch over it. Like the laptop is on my knees right now. The Penclic stops you doing that."

You can use a laptop stand like the Slim Cool to bring your screen up to eye height, and use the wireless KB3 to type in an ergonomic position.

He also says: "The Penclic KB3 is fabulous, it's great. The battery lasts for ages - I haven't had to recharge it since I got it."

It can be used with his laptop, his iPad but not - he adds, a Nokia 3310.

Get your own Penclic KB3 to impress co-workers with your speedy typing skills here >>