GDPR one year on - how is it working for you?

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into effect on May 25 2018, almost a year ago.

Significant changes were made to the rules regulating the way our personal data is found, kept and used by companies to:

  • Make it much easier to access data companies already hold about us.
  • Impose bigger fines on companies not following procedure.

Now, one year on, we ask: are organisations complying, and are staff being given the right information to carry out their GDPR responsibilities effectively?

As predicted, the news has been peppered with GDPR horror stories since last spring, kicking off with Google's €50 million fine by the French data authorities just two days after the law came into effect. So far there have been no fines under GDPR made by the ICO, although there have been around 90 GDPR-related fines across Europe, from around 60,000 notifications received by the European Commission.

Making everyone aware of their GDPR responsibilities

For small to medium sized businesses, one of the biggest challenges has been making staff aware of their GDPR responsibilities. We developed a GDPR e-learning course with this in mind.

Manuals and wordy documents are more likely to be ignored, skimmed over, forgotten, or misunderstood. The colourful illustrations and bite-sized chunks of text in our e-learning courses make it much easier for users to digest and retain information. Content is presented module-by-module so busy users can even pause their training at any time and come back to the same place later if needed.

A test at completion helps cement knowledge and results are automatically logged in the secure WorkRite management system for easy tracking and reporting.

Our e-learning is cost-effective and thorough but also fun. It's a very good way of meeting regulations and keeping your business and clients as safe as possible from data breaches.

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Protecting on-screen data in public places

Another area of concern for SMEs - especially those transitioning to agile working, is the protection of on-screen data in public spaces. In other words, making sure staff aren't exposing sensitive data when they're working from laptops or mobile devices while on the go.

We supply privacy filters by our partners at office supplies giant Fellowes.  The filters black out your screen from a side view whilst maintaining a clear view of your screen from the front, protecting the information on your laptop, phone, or tablet from those around you.

Use our product finder tool to easily find the right privacy filter for your device, or browse all privacy filters here.