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You made the decision to shop with us, so we want to make sure you get the best possible service - and that includes making sure you really benefit from the products you chose. Ergonomic design is all about meeting the needs of people to reduce usability issues (like pain and injury), so getting to know your products and how they can be used to help you is really important.

If you want to know something about your product, like how to set up your chair, or what the functions of your mouse do, or how to position your monitor arms, you can visit our product hub and search for your product's name and unique stock number (sku), or browse listed categories and products. All of the documents and videos we have relating to the product will be available for you to use here.

We produce useful advice and information about healthy working habits on a regular bases. You can access all of our available resources online, including:


Useful information displayed with graphics - best viewed on digital devices.

Advice sheets

Useful for printing and posting around offices as healthy reminders for staff.

Blog posts

Explore the latest news, tips and opinions from the world of health and wellbeing on this blog.

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