Back App 360
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Back App 360

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The Back App 360 is an ideal accessory for your sit-stand desk, allowing you to keep your posture in check whilst you stand. The 360 is unique as it lets you stand and balance comfortably in all directions which also helps to provide subtle training to the muscles and joints especially in the ankle, leg, knee and hips.

A comfortable 360 ​​degree tilt movement is achieved by the body balancing on the centrally located 'Magic Ball' surrounded by a soft circular damping cushion.

Back App 360 provides the best conditions for promoting good health even in a hectic working environment.

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  • Back App 360 stimulates circulation in the legs, especially in the calves. Back App 360 prevents injuries in the ankles, knees and hips
  • By turning the red knob control up or down, you can easily adjust the amount of tilt you receive
  • The soft circular damping device makes the tilting movement comfortable for all users
  • Helps to Improve your posture and improve blood circulation
  • Width: 36 cm
  • Length: 51 cm
  • Height 5,5 cm