3M Gel-Filled Mouse Wrist Rest

3M Gel-Filled Mouse Wrist Rest

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This wrist rest is ergonomically designed to encourage correct wrist alignment during use of a mouse or trackball. The gel filled interior increases comfort and the mouse surface is specifically designed for increased tracking resolution.

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  • Gel filled wrist rest - Designed for optimum comfort, the unique gel filled interior to the wrist rest provides a cushion feel. The smooth fabric allows your wrists to glide without friction and irritation to the skin, and the tapered edges ensure wrists and arms do not rub on the side
  • Precise mouse surface -The mouse pad surface uses a special material to increase tracking resolution.
  • Non skid base - The base provides excellent grip to keep the wrist rest stable.
  • Dimensions - 26(l) x 19(w) cm.
  • Weight: 400g.